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At Intrepid Talent Hunters we quickly assess your need, help you build a value proposition to attract top talent, and find people that are currently performing well and making a positive impact in their role. We are laser focused and results driven!
We DON’T flood you with mediocre resumes from a stale data base, or post your position on job sites like everyone else.

Iterative Process

We work with you to obtain your feedback and iterate through your job requirement quickly until we get a perfect fit (skill set, team fit, culture fit, compensation).

Data Driven Decisions

While conducting your search, we interact with various companies and their employees to provide you with valuable data (compensation levels, titles, skills, benefits, company policies/perks) allowing you the critical insight to make data driven decisions on how to attract top tier talent.

Ethical Sourcing

At Intrepid Talent Hunters, we are an extension of you as a company, and represent you with the utmost of ethics and integrity. We will never obtain information or candidates by using deceptive tactics or methods.

Responsible Timing

We treat your time and each candidate’s time with the respect you both deserve. We will always return calls, answer emails, give feedback and take meetings within a realistic time frame. We don’t make people guess at feedback, next steps or the status of their particular situation. We don’t “ghost” people.

Exceptional Results

Our results often speak for themselves. Our primary source of new business is almost 100% through referrals because we deliver. For specific examples, take a look at our testimonial section.

Great Quality

At Intrepid Talent Hunters, we only pursue individuals that are currently employed, performing well and making a difference in their role. We do not flood you with resumes based on key word matches from a database or post your positions on common job websites. Anyone can do that! Many of the candidates we approach and have placed over the years, aren’t looking, rarely have a current resume because they’re too immersed in their role and performing!

The Process

Step 1 Free Consultation

Allow us to learn what your needs are. Are you frustrated due to trying to fill a position for a year? Is your TA department too overloaded with current hiring needs? Are you able or unable to differentiate yourself from your competitors to attract top talent? What has been working and what hasn't? We can build a top to bottom strategy and deliver results.

Step 2 Structure

We'll offer the right structure that fits your organization. We support retained, contained or contingent work. Need us to fill many positions fast or look for a purple unicorn? We'll pivot accordingly.

Step 3 Iterative Solutions

We will work through the process as many times as it takes using valuable data to make data-driven decisions on search parameters, value proposition and offerings to get you the talent you need.

Step 4 Success

When we find and thoroughly vet the right candidate(s), we'll provide you with a detailed profile of that talent, outlining specifics to why they are a perfect match and why they would bring value to your organization. We'll reach the finish line together without wasting your time.


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