Why Choose Us?

We only focus on targeting the right individuals for your search requirements, those that are currently succeeding, performing and making an impact within their current organization. 

We hunt for the person that is generally happy, immersed and fully engaged in their current position and needs to be convinced of their next opportunity.


We avoid the “job hoppers,” “serial consultants” and the “nine to fivers.”

What We Do

We place Director, EVP, SVP and C Level Candidates within the following functional disciplines:-

  • Architecture/Application Development

  • Design & Engineering

  • IS&T

  • Operations

  • Sales - Direct/B2B/Channel

  • Business Development

  • Product Management and Development

We Specialize in these Technology Based Verticals
  • BI and Big Data Analytics

  • Cloud and SaaS

  • Enterprise Software Development

  • Content Management Systems

  • ERP

  • ​IS&T Security Services

  • Systems Integration

  • Data Center Management

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems

  • Enterprise Messaging and VOIP